Monday, July 8, 2013

New Blog

Hey guys, i just want to tell you that i made myself a new blog. Why ? Because i don't know what happened but this blog's layout can be edited. At first i thought it was me who doesn't understand how to change it, but i asked my friend (he's also a blogger) to help me edit the layout. But he couldn't and he doesn't know either and told me to make a new one. Actually, I've been thinking to make myself a new blog but i was lazy to repost all the posts i've been posted. But this blog really pissed me off. The error makes this blog looks so messy (doesn't it?) :( so i decide to throw the link of my new blog down here (and also on my new blog). So incase you guys wanna read my previous posts here when you're reading my new blog, you still can read them by click the link below. I guess that's it ! Thank you :)


Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Hey there, i know i've been disappeared so long. The very last time i updated my blog is about the day i spent with my whole family. I bet you all have heard about songs or maybe quotes that say "we'll never know what the future brings". Yes, it's true no one will ever know what the future might hold. Including me (oh sure it is. who am i?), never thought that would be the very last time i spend my time with my beloved family. I never thought that my dad would gone so fast.
Yes, my dad passed away on September 16th 2012 (the day after my mom's birthday sept 15th).

I can't think about anything, 'till now i can't accept the fact that i lost my dad before i could make him proudly smile to see i graduate from university. I can't accept the fact that i lost the only mentor, hero, figure, even my very bestfriend so fast. I couldn't say thank you or even sorry to him, for being a bad daughter, for never truly be grateful for what he had given to me, for forced himself to work to satisfied our selfish needs, for disappointed him many times, even for made him cried in the middle of so many nights because he felt sorry for not being thr best dad who couldn't give what his children wanted or even put a smile on their children's faces.

But you were not dad, and you didn't have to feel that way. Did you ever know that you were the best and the greatest man i've ever known in my life ? I said this not because i'm your daughter, but because i know you were ! Never in my life i have seen or known or heard someone who lived his life like you did. Forced and focused his life on nothing but work work and work without even cared about anything else in life but his family ? Not even your healthy. I couldn't believe myself for what i had done to you after everyting that you had done to me, to us. How could i be such a bad kid ? :'(

i should have thanked and made you proud of me. I know, regret doesn't bring you back to life. But i'm trying dad, to be such a briliant woman you always wanted me to be, the best woman you always tried to make me to be, the best daughter you'd proudly say "that's my daughter" ! i'll never quit to try to be a woman version of you, dad. The one who gave everything to people he loved with nothing to hope, the one who had been such a great inspiration for people. And the smartest man i've ever known in my life =')

I love you daddy i'll always do :') i'm sorry for everything i had done to you. And thank you SO MUCH for everything. You're the best man in my life, no one would ever take that place of yours :)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Family Day Out

Just an outfit that i wore on family day out yesterday :)

how was your saturday ? mine was great, i was having a great time by had a ramen breakfasting together with my family, we went to MKG yesterday.

this time i decided to wear a girly dress which i got from a friend of mine ;), well she's my sister's bestfriend actually, but as we hang out together oftenly, i can say that she's my friend too hahahaha. she's so kind and lovely ;)

do i look too girly on the pics ? lol xD i just felt that i want to look simplier yesterday, so this was the chosen dress. and not to mention, the flowers detil is just too cute, isnt it ? 

and these are the accessories that i wore, i think they're just match well with my dress. as my dress has flowers detils, so this butterfly wood bangle and snake ring are complete my nature look LOL. ( but its so scary if you found snakes in your flower garden -___-)

i love the color of these wedges. but i dont really feel that comfortable wearing them. they hurt my feet everytime i wear them. but its okay though ;)

flower dress - gift
belt - gift
bag - TLTSN
green wedges - TLTSN

 and i was a bit lose control yesterday, i ordered a little too much food :|
but they were not really delicious :| 
here, they are some of the food pictures ;)

have a great sunday then, happy sunday everyone ! ;)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Orange Addiction

Finally, I got a chance to update my blog. Sorry, I know it’s been too loooooong since the last time I updated my blog. I had National Exam so I had to force myself to study and phewwww its done ! and I graduated from high school with a quite satisfaction score, thank God J

Here I am, sitting on my bed, writing on my blog when all my friends are about to enjoying their holiday -___-. Okay I know, beside I was busy prepared myself for national exam. I just feel lazy to take outfit picture, I’m lazy to edit them honestly hehe :p

And yeah, now speaking of my look, I don’t know why I just got a new color addiction, don’t know why suddenly I love orange ! maybe summer affects me :p it just looks fresh and eye-catching, doesn’t it ?

I think I need a new pocket camera, mine is justa bit old. Its 4 mpx camera. (well it’s too old) lol my phone camera is twice megapixel higher than my pocket camera. It becomes my reason why Im lazy to update my blog, I put a bit hard work to edit them, you can see it from my previous posts. Im not really good to edit picture.

oh, these are my favorite ankle boots, they're just too comfy to wear. well, actually i'd prefer wedges than these kinda heels (but it's okay though). they're my best purchase so far. can you believe i bought them just for around 1$ ?  

and about this bag, i love its color ! its so bright. and i got them for free btw :p the store where i bought them had a great offering. so i can't resist to take her home lol.

ah, these rings ! they're just about arrived at my house few minutes before i took these pictures. i love them ahahha and once again, they're soooooo cheap :p

it was so hot outside when i took these picture. i know it's summer in other country. i just hope that indonesia had four seasons like other countries have -__-

lace orange top - random shop
USA dyed shorts - pull and bear
bag - TLTSN
red belt - colorbox
black ankle boots - new look

well, just enjoy your holiday guys ! dont forget to hype my look if you dont mind ;)

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Red Skaters

it's been a looooooong time since the last time i updated my blog. i've been too busy these days, as you know national exam is getting way closer. so i don't have enough time to update my blog or even my lookbook. :(

but, last saturday i had a free time. since my boyfriend's too busy with his new university schedule and ii just need a refreshing after final practice exams. so, i decided to took some snaps with my sister :D

Tosca mini dress - coco shop
Red Skater Skirt - Victoire Shop
Green Wedges - TLTSN

here's the details of my dress and the skirt. i've looked for this skirt for quite long time, (ya you know i'm a student so i dont have much money :| ). and i really love the color ! oh, and about the dress. this's quite sad, because when i received the dress and tried to wear it, this dress is too short. it can not covered my thighs. so i just can wear them as a top.

and the shoes ! :D

close up photos :p

and this's my favorite pic ! thankyou sist ! xoxowith ♥

ah and here are some snaps of me and my gorgeous sister ! Kristaline Cintya

don't forget to click hyped button on my lookbook if you mind ! ;D

with ♥

Sunday, October 23, 2011

It was Raining Outside

Hi there.. um okay i know how bad i am -_- . i post too rarely right ? ya i know, when other bloggers post about  three two or maybe one time a WEEK. i post one time a MONTH. yaa lately i've been too busy. next year i have to face national exam so everyday i have extra time to study and its a must (rule from school), and after that i also have to do a loooooooooot of homeworks and study for daily exams too (what a pitty).

but this sunday i had a little free time. so i just enjoyed my time with just laying in my bed. and that was raining by the way. its rainy season, and as you know rainy day always makes people lazy to do everything lol. and as i was alone at my room and did nothing, i decided to took some snaps to add looks to my lookbook account.

black jumpsuit is from n.y.l.a , wedges are from Charles & Keith, bag from TLTSN, and the reversible boyfriend jacket's from Batten.

oh, and about the black jumpsuit. as i said on my lookbook it was a gift from my sister and his ex about two years ago. so this's kinda my old stuff haha. since this jumpsuit arrived at my house until now i've been wearing this jumpsuit three or four times. i didn't want to wear it at that time because i thought this cloth has a weird model and it makes me look rounder lol ( i had fatter body before i graduate from junior high) yah, i know i haven't had great body like anastasia siantar yet. but its skinnier than before roftl

this's the detil of the triple ring that i bought from parco shop. they have so many cute collections. grab some before the PO is closed.

i don't know when will i update my blog again. as you know tomorrow is monday. that means our daily routines begin. and i need to focus on my exam. i can't even focus study. like now, i supposed to prepare what will be learned at school tomorrow but now i'm sitting in front of my netbook and blogging . ha ha ha what a dilligent student i am. :|

okay i think it's enough. pray for me for every test that will be faced this year. oh and about the dance competition the day after tomorrow. i forgot to tell you that me and my team have a dance competition, will be held on tuesday at BPK Penabur HI. Wish us luck then ;)

Have a comfort night everyone :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy Eid for Those who Celebrate it

Tomorrow was Eid Mubarak Day, so first i wanna say sorry to you all who read my blog. please forgive me for the things i've done, for the mistakes i've made especially. may Allah SWT bless us also.

Anyway tomorrow i stayed at home, cause of some reasons. usually me and my family go to my grandma's house to celebrate Eid Mubarak. but this year me, my sister, and my dad stayed at home. my mom and my nephew went to my grandma's house.

We stayed for waited for daddy's nephews' and nieces' fams. they wanted to visit us. and as time goes by i felt bored, then i invited my bestfriend to come to my house. then she came.
yeah, we had some fun sessions from tell some stories till took some shoots. here's some of the pics ;)

with my best friend, Almeida Kezia

meet my gorgeous sister, Kristaline Cintya Wardhana

oh, no forget to update my looks on lookbook. please click hype button if you mind ;D