Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy Eid for Those who Celebrate it

Tomorrow was Eid Mubarak Day, so first i wanna say sorry to you all who read my blog. please forgive me for the things i've done, for the mistakes i've made especially. may Allah SWT bless us also.

Anyway tomorrow i stayed at home, cause of some reasons. usually me and my family go to my grandma's house to celebrate Eid Mubarak. but this year me, my sister, and my dad stayed at home. my mom and my nephew went to my grandma's house.

We stayed for waited for daddy's nephews' and nieces' fams. they wanted to visit us. and as time goes by i felt bored, then i invited my bestfriend to come to my house. then she came.
yeah, we had some fun sessions from tell some stories till took some shoots. here's some of the pics ;)

with my best friend, Almeida Kezia

meet my gorgeous sister, Kristaline Cintya Wardhana

oh, no forget to update my looks on lookbook. please click hype button if you mind ;D


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