Sunday, October 23, 2011

It was Raining Outside

Hi there.. um okay i know how bad i am -_- . i post too rarely right ? ya i know, when other bloggers post about  three two or maybe one time a WEEK. i post one time a MONTH. yaa lately i've been too busy. next year i have to face national exam so everyday i have extra time to study and its a must (rule from school), and after that i also have to do a loooooooooot of homeworks and study for daily exams too (what a pitty).

but this sunday i had a little free time. so i just enjoyed my time with just laying in my bed. and that was raining by the way. its rainy season, and as you know rainy day always makes people lazy to do everything lol. and as i was alone at my room and did nothing, i decided to took some snaps to add looks to my lookbook account.

black jumpsuit is from n.y.l.a , wedges are from Charles & Keith, bag from TLTSN, and the reversible boyfriend jacket's from Batten.

oh, and about the black jumpsuit. as i said on my lookbook it was a gift from my sister and his ex about two years ago. so this's kinda my old stuff haha. since this jumpsuit arrived at my house until now i've been wearing this jumpsuit three or four times. i didn't want to wear it at that time because i thought this cloth has a weird model and it makes me look rounder lol ( i had fatter body before i graduate from junior high) yah, i know i haven't had great body like anastasia siantar yet. but its skinnier than before roftl

this's the detil of the triple ring that i bought from parco shop. they have so many cute collections. grab some before the PO is closed.

i don't know when will i update my blog again. as you know tomorrow is monday. that means our daily routines begin. and i need to focus on my exam. i can't even focus study. like now, i supposed to prepare what will be learned at school tomorrow but now i'm sitting in front of my netbook and blogging . ha ha ha what a dilligent student i am. :|

okay i think it's enough. pray for me for every test that will be faced this year. oh and about the dance competition the day after tomorrow. i forgot to tell you that me and my team have a dance competition, will be held on tuesday at BPK Penabur HI. Wish us luck then ;)

Have a comfort night everyone :)


  1. Cute :) and big like for your ring :)

  2. pretty! xo

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway for an arty-oval style ring if you'd like to check it out. :)