Monday, March 5, 2012

The Red Skaters

it's been a looooooong time since the last time i updated my blog. i've been too busy these days, as you know national exam is getting way closer. so i don't have enough time to update my blog or even my lookbook. :(

but, last saturday i had a free time. since my boyfriend's too busy with his new university schedule and ii just need a refreshing after final practice exams. so, i decided to took some snaps with my sister :D

Tosca mini dress - coco shop
Red Skater Skirt - Victoire Shop
Green Wedges - TLTSN

here's the details of my dress and the skirt. i've looked for this skirt for quite long time, (ya you know i'm a student so i dont have much money :| ). and i really love the color ! oh, and about the dress. this's quite sad, because when i received the dress and tried to wear it, this dress is too short. it can not covered my thighs. so i just can wear them as a top.

and the shoes ! :D

close up photos :p

and this's my favorite pic ! thankyou sist ! xoxowith ♥

ah and here are some snaps of me and my gorgeous sister ! Kristaline Cintya

don't forget to click hyped button on my lookbook if you mind ! ;D

with ♥

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