Saturday, August 4, 2012

Family Day Out

Just an outfit that i wore on family day out yesterday :)

how was your saturday ? mine was great, i was having a great time by had a ramen breakfasting together with my family, we went to MKG yesterday.

this time i decided to wear a girly dress which i got from a friend of mine ;), well she's my sister's bestfriend actually, but as we hang out together oftenly, i can say that she's my friend too hahahaha. she's so kind and lovely ;)

do i look too girly on the pics ? lol xD i just felt that i want to look simplier yesterday, so this was the chosen dress. and not to mention, the flowers detil is just too cute, isnt it ? 

and these are the accessories that i wore, i think they're just match well with my dress. as my dress has flowers detils, so this butterfly wood bangle and snake ring are complete my nature look LOL. ( but its so scary if you found snakes in your flower garden -___-)

i love the color of these wedges. but i dont really feel that comfortable wearing them. they hurt my feet everytime i wear them. but its okay though ;)

flower dress - gift
belt - gift
bag - TLTSN
green wedges - TLTSN

 and i was a bit lose control yesterday, i ordered a little too much food :|
but they were not really delicious :| 
here, they are some of the food pictures ;)

have a great sunday then, happy sunday everyone ! ;)


  1. bingung mau ngomentarin dressnya apa makanannya :D

  2. Love the lovely dress, love the lovely flower on your wall <333

  3. Love the print and you look so cute as well :) !

    Have a Fantastic Friday!