Monday, July 8, 2013

New Blog

Hey guys, i just want to tell you that i made myself a new blog. Why ? Because i don't know what happened but this blog's layout can be edited. At first i thought it was me who doesn't understand how to change it, but i asked my friend (he's also a blogger) to help me edit the layout. But he couldn't and he doesn't know either and told me to make a new one. Actually, I've been thinking to make myself a new blog but i was lazy to repost all the posts i've been posted. But this blog really pissed me off. The error makes this blog looks so messy (doesn't it?) :( so i decide to throw the link of my new blog down here (and also on my new blog). So incase you guys wanna read my previous posts here when you're reading my new blog, you still can read them by click the link below. I guess that's it ! Thank you :)