Saturday, August 20, 2011

Jeffrey Campbell

JC pixie cheetah
JC skate nude
JC pixie black suede
JC mary roks lavender
JC Lita mustard
JC Lita khaki
JC 99 mint suede
JC 99 blue suede

Those shoes are drive me crazy. Freaking love the models and the colors. Especially the Litas, i bet you want to collect them all after you check all their colors out at solestuck . Me ? No need to ask i want them BADLY ! The khaki color's soooo fabolous for me. But i want the JC 99 blue and mint suede too. They're killing me to see how cute they are. But, i just got myself dying too see their prices :( . I just can earn money myself, my parents give me. So i can't spend my parents's money to buy all what i want. But if i could find some jobs to earn money, no doubt i would buy at least one of my dream JC shoes. Wish me luck then :)

Ah, which pair is your fave ? ;)


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